Networking in viticulture

Pisa, December 6th, 2018

LIFE ZEOWINE, coordinated by the Institute for the Study of Ecosystems of Pisa of the National Research Council, is a project focused on issues concerning the quality of soils and the importance of organic matter in viticulture.

In particular, ZEOWINE aims to develop a natural additive to preserve the quality of agricultural land. This product contains organic waste deriving from the production of microporous wine and minerals known as zeolites, capable of improving soil structure and water retention, adding organic matter and favoring subsurface microbiology.

The exchange of good practices in agriculture is at the basis of the collaboration between the two projects.

VITISOM was the first guest of the ZEOWINE Kick-off meeting organized by ISE CNR on December 6th, and together with the company Conti degli Azzoni at the "Innovation in biodiversity" workshop last December 18th.

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