The VITISOM model arrives in Germany

Meetings and exchanges of good practices

February 10-15, 2019

Meetings and exchanges of good practices between VITISOM and some important German wine producers. The study trip organized by researchers of the University of Milan in collaboration with Sata Agronomic Studio has explored some of the most productive areas of the Palatinate (Weingut von Winning & Reichsrat von Buhl) where Weingut Dr. Bürklin-Wolf is the largest biodynamic company of Germany; of Ranania (Weingut Robert Weil, Georg Breuer, Künstler, Domänenweingut Schloss Schönborn) and finally the famous production area among the most "extreme" in Europe: The Moselle (Weingut Heymann-loewenstein, Dr. Loosen, Sorentberg).
Travel mates Castello Bonomi, Berlucchi and Conti degli Azzoni partner of the Vtisom project.

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