The communication and dissemination activities are a key elements of the LIFE VITISOM exploitation strategy. In this section you can access of the all promotion documentation, from the Dissemination Plan to the communication kit for schools and stakeholders to the press and publications produced by the project partners.

Results and the key data produced during the project are also available.
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The project communication is coordinated by Consorzio Italbiotec.

Nuova Venezia

28 February 2018

The innovation in viticulture start from the promotion of a better and rational use of organic fertilizers to increase the soil  and vines quality: "Life Vitisom with the Casa Paladin "

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28 December 2017

From Berlucchi infrared maps and targeted fertilizer. Berlucchi, a pioneer of sustainable innovation in the vineyard, presented the first results of LIFE VITISOM at the event "Agriculture 4.0".

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Il corriere vinicolo

11 Dicembre 2017

The balance of the vineyard starts from the ground. The distribution of organic fertilizers in variable rate allows to accurately calibrate the dosages according to the real nutritional needs of the vine.

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Vine fertilization is one of the crucial elements to have healthy plants and quality grapes in quantities: "Organic fertilization in vineyards, better if variable rate"

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Giornale di Brescia - Franciacorta

17 Agosto 2017

An over-municipal park for organic viticulture and  land protection: Bonomi Castle  on the way a new vineyard plantation "Pace sotto il Montorfano"

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Green Planner /6

7 Giugno 2017

Vitisom at the european partner event of Green Week  #EUGreenWeek "Bioeconomia se ne parla a Green Jobs for a greener future"

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Giornale di Brescia

11 June 2017

Fertility redution of our territory, organic is one of the change engines "Allarme europeo: alle vigne manca sostanza organica". VITISOM and Franciacorta answer.

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Green Planner

29 May 2017

Farmers and bioreaffinerie: the future in the countryside we see it designed so  "Life Biorest, progetto Made in italy di economia circolare"

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Italia a Tavola

24 May 2017

A revolutionary machine already operating at Castello Bonomi, Franciacorta enterprise "Viticulture between biodiversity and quality, Casa Paladin chooses Life Vitisom"

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Resto del Carlino

8 June 2017

Environment for the quality of wine "Progetto Biopass project ala cantina Conti degli Azzoni", how to improve vineyards organic matter.

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Il Resto del Carlino

1 April 2017

First demonstration event at Conti degli Azzoni winery “Montefano Gestione sostenibile della viticoltura, Conti degli Azzoni nel progetto Life”

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9 March 2017

Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea “Convegno di presentazione del progetto LIFE VITISOM. Montefano (MC), 30 marzo 2017”

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9 March 2017

Mechanical and technology innovation in viticulture sector will be the protagonists of the Conti delgli Azzoni event “Viticoltura: innovazione meccanica e tecnologica con Life Vitisom”

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GreenPlanner magazine

23 February 2017

The distribution of fertilizer with variable rate to reduce the loss of organic matter and improve soil quality “Life Vitisom, l’innovazione tecnologica al servizio delle vigne”

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16 May 2017

Castello Bonomi opens the doors to LIFE VITISOM, a natural path to cultivate the future.
Innovation and biodiversity in viticulture

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Goloso & Curioso

11 February 2017

Rational use of organic fertilizers to preserve and restore organic matter in vitrified soils “Casa Paladin in prima linea nel progetto LIFE VTISOM per una viticoltura ragionata”

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Italia a Tavola network

10 February 2017

Viticulture reasoned to consider the vineyard as a balanced ecosystem “Vitisom promuove un vino green Il vigneto, un ecosistema da preservare” 

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Premiata Fattoria di Castelvecchi

9 February 2017

Making wine is a special trade and the Paladin brothers are pursuing with genuine devotion the pursuit of the highest quality ​​“Castelvecchi in prima linea nel progetto LIFE VITISOM” 

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The Westgroup Think Tank

6 February 2017

The Westgroup Think Tank – Westgroup web editors “Il progetto LIFE VITISOM: Innovazione in viticultura”

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Casa Paladin

6 February 2017

Since 1962, the Paladin family is growing by cultivating vineyards of its Veneto land with unparalleled respect and rigor  “Casa Paladin in prima linea nel progetto LIFE VITISOM per la biodiversità” 

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Bosco del Merlo

25 January 2017

On the border between Veneto and Friuli, in an area recognized as highly cultivated for wine-growing “Bosco del Merlo in prima linea nel progetto LIFE VITISOM per la biodiversità” 

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Castello Bonomi

6 January 2017

Men who grew up in Franciacorta have been able to understand the importance of this environment “Castello Bonomi in prima linea nel progetto LIFE VITISOM per la biodiversità” 

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For more information contact or 392 4751449, Ilaria Re

Viniplus di Lombardia

March 16, 2019

Make your land happy (and what's around it). The new frontier of viticulture? The fertilization of the vineyard in the digital transformation era: only what the land needs and only when needed, the experimental project of the University of Milan.

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Innovation and Biodiversity guests of Castello Bonomi at Franciacorta


When Innovation and Environment Respect become "Green Revolution": today the conference.

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LIFE VITISOM for biodiversity. Conti degli Azzoni on front line


The first demonstration event opened to winemakers and stakeholders.
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Viticulture research and innovation: the European project


Kick-off meeting of the european project VITISOM LIFE: VITiculture Innovative Soil Organic Matter management. 
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Protection of the soil and of the viticultural and agricultural ecosystem

Green Paper on the development of a European strategy

Protezione del suolo e dell'ecosistema viticolo e agricolo: Libro Verde per lo sviluppo di una strategia europea IT | EN

Good practices manual for the management of the organic fertilization of the vineyard

Manuale delle buone pratiche per la gestione della concimazione organica del vigneto IT | EN

Preliminary analysis of soils EN

Analysis of matrices EN | 2016 data | 2017 data | 2018 data 

Economic Impact EN | Vitisom_Economicimpact_Calculator

Microvinification EN |

Annex - Wines chemical characterisation |

Annex - Wines VOC analysis |

Annex - Wines Sensory profiles |

Annex - Wines Preferences

Layman's Report & AfterLife Plan

Life Vitisom

After-Life Plan IT | EN

Layman's report IT | EN


The Wood Index

An Innovative Index for Determining Vine Vigour

Precision farming makes it possible to direct management strategies in relation to the actual needs of crops.

Consumers’ preferences for biodiversity in vineyards:

A choice experiment on wine

This paper describes the results of a Choice Experiment on wine consumers to estimate their willingness to pay for biodiversity conservation practices in vineyards.

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Newsletter 7/2019

Rural Development Policies Workshop and LIFE Program VITISOM & Federbio | Sustainability lessons with Leonardo da Vinci children | Winter in the vineyard: the state of health of our plants Innovation in biodiversity | VITISOM & ZEOWINE: networking in viticulture | New ways to monitor altering climate emissions

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Bioenergie e Agricoltura

Life Vitisom, organic fertilization with variable rates. The project involves the construction of 5 prototypes, developed for 5 different wine-growing contexts, able to distribute 3 types of organic organic matrices.

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Il vigneto

Introducing an innovative technology for the management of the organic fertilization of the vineyard in a variable rate in the wine sector. This is the goal of the Life Vitisom project, funded under the European Life program

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Newsletter 4/2018

At precision viticulture school by Guido Berlucchi | "The Beautiful of biodiversity in the vineyard" | 52nd edition of Vinitaly 2018 | Fertilizers in viticulture | Innovation and protection of biodiversity

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Newsletter 3/2018

Measurement of greenhouse gases | From the test to the bottle. Analysis of the quality of wines produced with the testing campaigns | Precision agriculture. The point of view of those who have already tested |  VITISOM annual monitoring meeting

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Newsletter 2/2018

Closing on to the health of our vineyards | From the field to the glass of wine | Fertilization of vines: a balance between plant health and soil fertility

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Newsletter 1/2018

Tastes and values, traditional food and the future challenge, networking among Made in Italy food chains with LIFE DOP | Vitisom at SITEVI | Smart Farming 4.0 | Agriculture 4.0: Berlucchi hosts the international conference

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Newsletter 10/2017

Sangiovese: the harvest of the experimental vineyards | Continuous monitoring of GHG flows | VITISOM at the agricultural fair INDAGRA | VITISOM at the international conference on Giesco viticulture

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Newsletter 09/2017

The fermentation of Franciacorta musts| The red grapes: start collecting | Variable rate in the field: updates after the first tests | The second test season begins at the experimental vineyard of Castello Bonomi

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Newsletter 08/2017

Franciacorta: Experimental harvesting at Bosco del Merlo and Premiated farm Castelvecchi | Grape monitoring before harvesting | Life in the center of soil and organic innovation: the first data from VITISOM LIFE

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Newsletter 07/2017

Mature grapes in Franciacorta | Vigor Maps: Here's plant  health | Videos and contributions from the web: Green Jobs for a Greener future LIFE Program OPEN DAY: Green Pathways to Sustainable Use of Resources

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Newsletter 06/2017

Research Open Day at the University of Milan | Wine & Sustainability from the producer to the consumer, how much do you know about soil health? | Green Groojs for a greeener future: VITISOM takes part in partner event #EUGReenWeek

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Biodiversity and Health of Vineyards. Biodiversity and Sustainability a consolidated combination also for the wine sector as a fundamental element for the enhancement of the territory.

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L'Informatore Agrario 27/2017

First results from VITISOM LIFE project

Vineyards: focus of soil and organic matter innovation. Monitoring of biodiversity and ability to sequester carbon dioxide content of soils for a precision viticulture.

Newsletter 05/2017

Castello Bonomi and sustainability support: 19th may 2017 the 2nd demonstration event | Vitisom at Enoforum | Vitisom partner of the LIFE Program OPEN DAY to celebrate 25 year successes from the Programme start 

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Newsletter 04/2017

VITISOM to "Vinitaly" the largest international exhibition dedicated to the wine world | "University of Wine" | "Obiettivo Terra"| "Innovation and Sustainability" by Conti Azzoni | VITISOM meets consumers and industry operators

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Newsletter 03/2017

Conti degli Azzoni opens cycle of demonstration events dedicated to Innovation in Viticulture. Efficiency and quality of distributions | Continuing tests of the first variable-rate prototype at the partner companies

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Newsletter 02/2017

Published the first edition of the VITISOM newsletter, which inaugurates a monthly appointment to stay up to date on the progress of the project | News and events promoted and organized by the VITISOM team

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The precision farming for the vineyard

Castello Bonomi, March 25 2019

Isabella Ghiglieno, Università degli Studi di Milano | Domenico Pessina, Davide Facchinetti, Lavina Galli, Università degli Studi di Milano | Paolo Dosso, Studio di ingegneria Terradat Gruppo TEAM | Giovanni Arata, Casella Macchine Agricole, Gruppo TEAM

Innovation in biodiversity: the study of soils

Conti degli Azzoni, 18 Dicember 2018

Federico Sambo, Università degli Studi di Milano | Gianfranco Canullo, Conti degli Azzoni | Daniele Daffonchio, Università degli Studi di Milano | Floriana Bedussi, Università degli Studi di Milano | Leonardo Valenti, Università degli Studi di Milano | S. Doni, CNR - ISE 

Biodiversity protection workshop

Castelvecchi, 6 June 2018

Isabella Ghiglieno, Università degli Studi di Milano | Floriana Bedussi, Università degli Studi di Milano | Floriana Bedussi, Università degli Studi di Milano - LIFE DOP | Simona Bosco, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna | Ilaria Minardi, West Systems Srl | Gianluigi Alario, Casella Macchine Agricole

Innovation and Biodiversity

Castello Bonomi, 19 May 2017

Monica Faccincani - Consorzio per la tutela del Franciacorta | Carlo Bazzocchi – Federbio | Diego Bosco - Lombardy Green Chemistry Association | Ilaria Re – Consorzio Italbiotec | Isabella Ghiglieno – DiSAA Università degli Studi di Milano | Leonardo Valenti - DiSAA Università degli Studi di Milano | Paolo Dosso – Studio di Ingegneria Terradat | Giovanni Arata - Casella Macchine Agricole srl

Dissemination Plan

Communications, events and engagement strategy

This document describes the Dissemination Plan to be adopted by VITISOM LIFE. Its purpose is to formalise all communication and dissemination actions planned in the framework of the project, to plan and monitor the efficiency of the action carried out during the project lifecycle.


The project at a glance


Demonstration event agenda

During the project 10 demonstration events will be organized in five areas (Lombardy-Franciacorta -2 testing areas, Veneto, Tuscany, Marche) by the companies involved in the prototypes testing activities. The events will be open to the general public with the aim to illustrate technical aspects, environmental performance, economic sustainability of the prototypes and promoting technological solutions to reduce land degradation and support organic farming.

Notice board

The project at key development sites

The notice board illustrates the objectives, methods and results of the project. Positioned at the testing sites of the project and stakeholder places, the notice board promote the identity of VITISOM to the general public and supports awareness-raising actions for soil protection.


Brand Identity & Logo usage Guideline

Logo download | Brand Logo usage Guidelines download | Annex VITISOM LIFE Brand usage Guideline sheet

Trimming lessons: Double Arch

Trimming lessons: Double Arch - Life VITISOM x Conti degli Azzoni

Trimming lessons: Guyot

Trimming lessons: Guyot

Aware of sosteniblity

Aware of sosteniblity - Gianfranco Canullo x LIFE Vitisom

Variable Rate in Marche region

Variable Rate in Marche region - Life VITISOM x Conti degli Azzoni

Taking care of the vineyard

Taking care of the vineyard - Life VITISOM x Conti degli Azzoni

Different stages of winemaking

Interview @ Federico Sambo

New Analisis and Tests in Viticolture

Interview to Federico Sambo, Università degli Studi di Milano

Meet Vitisom LIFE Tonight

MeetMeTonight: biodiversity in the vineyard

Biodiversity in the vineyard

The socio-economical study

Precision farming in viticolture

Event at Premiata Fattoria Castelvecchi

LCA in viticulture

The e-learning course

Innovation & biodiversity

Interview with the protagonists of the Bosco del Merlo conference

Digital in agriculture

Isabella Ghiglieno interview

Vitisom at Enoforum 2017

innovation and sustainability

Agriculture 4.0 from Berlucchi


Smart and organic viticolture

Low impact organic fertilization

Phenological cycle of grapes

Researchers tale

Vigor maps

Viticolture innovation

Green Jobs #EUGreenWeek

For a greener future, interview 9 Giugno 2017


Interview to Life Open Day

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