Experimental pruning for the companies involved in the Life VITISOM project

The calculation of the Ravaz index

January 28, 2020, San Miniato, Tenuta di Poggio, Via Poggio al Pino 16

In January, experimental pruning took place at the companies involved in the tests of the Vitisom project. The first vineyards where pruning was carried out were those located in Franciacorta, namely those of the Castello Bonomi - Tenute in Franciacorta and Guido Berlucchi wineries. The following week, the same operations took place at the vineyards of the Conti degli Azzoni and Premiata Fattoria Castelvecchi vineyards.
The experimental pruning consists in removing the wood of the year from the same plants that during the summer period were selected for the experimental harvest; the wood was subsequently weighed. This data was used to calculate the Ravaz index, an index determined by the weight of the grapes produced divided by the weight of the pruning wood and is used to evaluate the vegetative-productive balance of the plant.

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