Upgrade of economical and environmental efficiency of vineyard organic fertilisation, thanks to the adoption of VRT and the consequent improvement of distribution efficiency with reduction the use of chemical fertilizers, reduction of the quantity of organic matter distributed in organic vineyards, an homogenization of vineyards vigour.

Validation of a Soil management system with a perspective of an average increase of 5% of the organic matter in vineyard soils, an increase of soil biodiversity of about 5%, a reduction of about 10% of emissions from vineyard soils (expressed in CO² – equivalent) compared to chemical fertilizers, a reduction of about 10% of odour emission from the distribution of organic fertilizers, a reduction of costs related to organic matter distribution of at least 20%.

Increasing awareness about viticulture soil organic matter management, through an important dissemination activity focused on developing best practices about viticulture soil management and reach, improving public awareness about the benefit of a sustainable approach to soil vineyard management, improving knowledge about the environmental impact of soil management, in connection to objectives of Thematic Strategy for Soil Protection.

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