VITISOM & Federbio

The biological fertilization in viticulture

Vigolzone (PC), January 21th 2019

FederBio represents the Italian reference for the organic world in Italy. Multi-professional entity, Fderbio is committed to improving and extending the quality and quantity of the food product obtained with organic and biodynamic farming techniques, through ethical and professional rules. VITISOM participated in one of the periodic training sessions organised by Federbio on the subject of fertilisation in organic farming techniques.
What are the techniques of sustainable fertilisation and the impacts of organic viticulture?
The Sata-Agronomic Study Group is responsible for the assessment of impacts in terms of soil biodiversity through the monitoring of the qbs-ar index (organic quality of soils - artopods) at the vineyards involved in the experimental activities.
This type of monitoring on such widespread areas (120 samples divided into the five project test sites for each of the three monitoring phases) represents one of the first experiences in viticulture and the data obtained will be useful to increase knowledge on these issues and will provide useful support for companies in the sector.

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