VITISOM and the organic viticulture

Cantina Cooperativa Valpantena

Verona, 26 January 2017

In the context of the activities planned in the project  VITISOM, partners  wineries are also involved in the evaluation of impacts in terms of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). In this respect, they involve as an external consultant the Dott. Agr. Marco Tonni for the assessment of Carbon Footprint at vineyard level (through Ita.Ca® Calculator). In occasion of the training course on organic viticulture held at the Cantina Valpantena for the members of the Cooperative, Marco Tonni introduced and presented the project LIFE VITISOM in the section dedicated to "Agronomic management in organic production". The LIFE VITISOM infact perfectly fits in the context of sustainability, in line with the objectives of organic vineyard management.

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