VITISOM: a LIFE project to support in viticulture innovation

Conti degli Azzoni

Montefano (MC), 30 March 2017

Conti Azzoni company organizes in Montefano (MC) a meeting focused on mechanical and technological innovation in viticulture. The appointment is for the 30th of March at 9:30 at Conti Azzoni premises.

Speakers Valperto Azzoni company owner, Leonardo Valenti and Isabella Ghiglieno of the University of Milan, Ilaria Re of Consorzio Italbiotec partners of the european project VITISOM, Pierluigi Donna of Sata Studio Agronomico, and even Alberto Mazzoni of Marche Institute of wines protection and Oriana Silvestroni the Marche Polytechnic University to talk about vine, soil and biodiversity protection.

Conti degli Azzoni is VITISOM partner, an european project for the promotion of sustainable land management in viticulture, through the development, testing and scale-up of a technology for organic fertilization of the vineyard. "The use of this highly innovative technology - explains Filippo Azzoni, owner of the winery - improves the quality of the soils of the vineyards in terms of soil structure and organic matter content and biodiversity, with obvious positive returns even on the quality of vines and grapes. "

Promoting the rational use of organic fertilizers makes it possible to preserve and restore the organic matter in vineyard soils, in line with those of the EU protocol for integrated and organic cultivation.

In collaboration with LIFE IPNOA and LIFE DOP projects.

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credits photo: Consorzio Italbiotec

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