Vinitaly 2018

52 edition

Verona, 15th -18th April 2018

VITISOM participates in the largest international event dedicated to wine, thanks to its partner companies, ambassadors of the project's aims. The Guido Berlucchi stand hosted the data collection for the assessment of the socio-economic impact aimed at deepening the link between biodiversity and the wine-growing context.

The analysis conducted by VITISOM focuses on the acceptance by consumers of a biodiversity brand in the vineyard, able to attest to the application of agronomic practices that promote greater biodiversity in the agroecosystem compared to conventional viticulture practices.

The study takes place at the 5 partner wineries, in different production areas. The economic analysis is based on the model of Choice Experiments, and estimates the value of the brand based on the potential demand of the product. Castello Bonomi, in collaboration with Bosco del Merlo and Premiata Fattoria Castelvecchi and Conti degli Azzoni participated actively in the promotion of the project through the distribution of dissemination materials.

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