Veneto experimental harvest

Bosco del Merlo

Annone Veneto, 21 August 2017

The Bosco del Merlo vineyard of Annone Veneto, is engaged in experimental harvesting , after verifying the achievement of the correct technological maturation of grapes. During harvest, data are collected in relation to the plant's productive equilibrium, as well as grape samples from which samples will be analyzed to obtain analytical reference parameters. At the same time, the grapes are harvested for micro-vinification.

The latter are done separately for each parcel in comparison (untreated witness with or without processing and using compost / manure / digested separate solid / urea, with or without incorporation). Micro-vinification is carried out by using a hydro-press which allows for gentle pressing of the grapes; The yeasts thus obtained are then treated with standard vinification protocol.

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