Variable rate: Updates after tests

Casella Macchine Agricole

Carpaneto Piacentino, September 2017

The improvement of variable rate models has reached a second stage of implementation.

The study is conducted by Caselle Macchine Agricole in collaboration with the staff of the University of Milan and Vitisom's partner companies. This new phase draws on the experiments carried out during last spring, which have helped identify critical issues and development opportunities.

These days the prototypes were returned to the farms for early use in their vineyards during periodic fertilizer distributions.

Bonomi Castle is the company that first experienced the updated version of prototypes. The second annual crop distribution distribution of organic fertilizers follows the experimental plan prepared at the vineyard test. Under the co-ordination of the technical staff of the University of Milan, the effects of the odorous impact of the different distributed matrices (with or without bribery) and the monitoring of the operation of the machine with the three different matrices were performed.

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