The VITISOM teams met for the mid-term monitoring meeting

Berlucchi & C

Franciacorta, 21 Febbraio 2017

The winery Guido Berlucchi & C hosted last 21 February, the first visit to the state of the project monitoring. The meeting was opened by the greeting of Arturo Ziliani, winemaker, guide of Berlucchi winery in Borgonato with his brother Paul and sister Cristina, respectively, sales and marketing managers.

The day was divided into technical and scientific sessions moderated by Leonardo Valenti and Isabella Ghiglieno coordinator and project manager respectively and the intervention of partners involved in the project Università degli Studi di Milano and Padova, Consorzio Italbiotec and partner companies Casella Macchine Agricole, West Systems, Guido Berlucchi & C, Conti degli Azzoni and Castello Bonomi.

The meeting included a visit to the field to show the functioning of the basic prototype straddle recently tested at the test Berlucchi vineyard.

Andrea Pitacco the University of Padova and his staff have also described the operation of the Eddy Covariance tool installed at the company's vineyards.

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