The monitoring visit to the Marche vineyards

Moving towards the sustainability of the Vitisom model

Montefano, March 18, 2019

The Conti degli Azzoni winery hosts the third VITISOM monitoring visit. The project successfully continues its activities, exceeding 70% of the expected performance from the experimental plan. In the coming months, the activities will be oriented towards the systematisation of the results obtained so far, via verification and quantification of the environmental impacts, as well as the further improvement of the variable-rate prototypes. The dissemination activity will continue to play a central role in the promotion of the proposed model, through the organization of the final conference, and two relevant publications, the "Manual of Good Practice of Vineyard Organic Matter Management" and the "Green Paper on European Strategy of Vineyard soil and ecosystem protection ”.

The meeting was attended by some of the project partners including West Systems, Consorzio Italbiotec, University of Milan.

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