The monitoring of GHG emissions from viticultural soils

Vescine, Castello Bonomi, Berlucchi, Conti degli Azzoni

Radda in Chianti, Franciacorta, Montefano, 5-20 March 2017

Monitoring of GHG emissions from viticultural soils continue; the partner West Systems carried out, through the use of the prototype developed thanks to the LIFE + IPNOA project (LIFE11 ENV / IT / 000302), the second monitoring of emissions form soils of testing vineyards. In recent months, the investigations to the point 0 were carried out; now, following different distributions of the matrices under comparison in the testing vineyards, the first comparative surveys are relised.

This allows to proceed, in the 5 investigation sites included in the project VITISOM LIFE (LIFE15 ENV / IT / 000392), with the first observations of the impacts in terms of GHG emissions from the use of compost, solid fraction of the digestate and manure with or without incorporation into the soil.

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