The MECS-VINE sensor works in field

at the start of the first reliefs

May 2017

Preparation of prototype machines for the VRT vineyard organic fertilization, periodic surveys of vine vigor have been made through the utilization of MECS-VINE sensor, produced by Casella Macchine Agricole.

The sensor has been made available to each testing Company (Conti degli Azzoni, Guido Berlucchi, Castello Bonomi, Bosco del Merlo e Castelvecchi) with the aim of making periodical “mappings” that allow to validate data gathered during winter period. The sensor, in fact, is already working and tested for measuring the vigor during the vegetative period; during the Project development, the possibility of measuring the vigor from the pruning wood will be implemented.

This will allow to project a machine aimed to distribute the organic matrices in connection with the vineyard vigor in real time.

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