The Biodiversity brand in the vineyard

The socio-economic study

Montefano and Franciacorta, May-June 2018

The VITISOM LIFE project foresees an economic analysis on the acceptance by consumers of a biodiversity brand in the vineyard, which would attest to the application of agronomic practices that promote greater biodiversity in the agroecosystem compared to conventional viticulture practices. The brand would be applied to the bottle of wine, just like the organic brand.

The study currently under way takes place at the 5 partner wineries, in different production areas. The economic analysis is based on the model of Choice Experiments, and estimates the value of the brand based on the potential demand of the product.

The survey developed by the team of Prof. Stefano Corsi of the University of Milan was given to the public of "Vinitaly", the largest international event dedicated to the way of wine, and still during the event "Open Cellars" organized by the Counts of the Azzoni and finally during the "Franciacorta Summer Festival" at the cellars of Castello Bonomi and Guido Berlucchi.

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