Sangiovese: the harvest of the experimental vineyards

Premiata Fattoria Castelvecchi

Radda in Chianti, October 2017

The Premiata Fattoria Castelvecchi company concludes the harvest on the vineyard test involved in the VITISOM research activities. The grapes harvested separately for each thesis are now starting at the vinification stage and the subsequent tasting.

The experimental plan provides for the comparison between the use of three different organic matrices (compost, manure, solid digestate fraction) with or without burial and in comparison with an unfertilized witness (worked and not worked) with the aim of comparing the impact of treatments on the final quality of the grapes. Data are also collected on the vegeto-productive behavior of the vine, such as the fertility of the buds, the weight of production and the average weight of the bunch.

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