Ripe grapes in Franciacorta

Castello Bonomi and Guido Berlucchi & C.

Franciacorta, Luglio 2017

During July, the VITISOM team started the first sampling to monitor ripening of the grapes in the earliest vineyards, Chardonnay suitable to produce sparkling wines in Franciacorta at Guido Berlucchi & C. and Castello Bonomi. Samples carried out separately for each parcel are repeated on a weekly basis. During following weeks, samples will be taken at other test sites: Prosecco at Bosco del Merlo, Sangiovese at Premiata Fattoria Castelvecchi and Cabernet Sauvignon at Conti degli Azzoni.

This monitoring will help to analyze the impacts of different soil management practices in terms of plant vigor and quality of grapes and wines.

Credits: Castello Bonomi

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