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Piacenza, March 1st, 2018

"Technology is one of the tools that companies have available to be competitive and as an association that brings together young people from Confagricoltura we are committed to creating training and information so that the young farmers can have as much information as the market offers and evaluate what today it is better to put in the field ". This is explained by Corrado Peratici, president of Anga Piacenza, trade union organization of the young agricultural entrepreneurs of Confagricoltura, promoter of a meeting dedicated to precision agriculture.

"The theme is more current than ever, certainly we are not the only ones to talk about it - Peratici continues - and several farmers are already using some precision farming techniques, but the purpose of the meeting is to discuss them together and analyze new concrete possibilities, maybe to put in the field already in the next campaign. With the costs of production factors constantly increasing, it is more and more important to use the right technology, to evaluate carefully the economic aspects, in terms of return on investment, know how to use it better and see the results that other companies have obtained ".


The guest of the meeting is the Casella Macchine Agricole company, which is responsible for the intervention of Giovanni Arata, entitled "Opportunities offered by technology on the market and new integrated management models"

Innovative technologies in agriculture are in fact an interesting stimulus for young people working in the sector. In this sense, the VITISOM Project, through the introduction of an innovative technology for the management of organic matter in the vineyard, promotes this type of direction, towards a more efficient and therefore more sustainable agriculture.

Casella, thanks to its many years of experience in precision agriculture, is the perfect spokesperson for this type of issue that arouses great interest in the entire agricultural sector.

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