Parcel distribution in the Bosco del Merlo and Conti degli Azzoni test vineyards

Annone Veneto, Montefano, October 2017

The distributions are carried out following the experimental plan prepared in the early phases of the Project and involves comparing the use of different organic matrices (compost, solid fraction of digestate, manure) with or without burial in comparison with an untreated witness (non-fertilized) ) and one that is not fertilized but worked.

At the Bosco del Merlo vineyard, a further fertilized treatment with urea with or without burial has been prepared; in this case the distribution of the urea will be carried out at the vegetative restart in April. During the tests it was possible to evaluate the work of the prototypes in operation, providing a solid support to the data collection campaign foreseen in the various areas of impact assessment.

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