Networking between LIFE projects at Vinitaly 2019

At the international exhibition of wines and spirits

Verona, April 9, 2019

The 53rd edition of Vinitaly is perhaps the largest ever, registering 125,000 visitors from 145 countries, 4,600 companies, 130 more than last year, and 100,000 square meters of exhibition space.

In this international context, VITISOM has played a leading role in synergy with three other projects of “Sorsi di ricerca: The challenge of sustainable viticulture”, a workshop organized by CREA dedicated to innovations in viticulture. An excellent example of networking, the event hosted, in addition to VITISOM, also representatives of three other European projects funded by the LIFE Program.

SOil4WINE which aims to develop an innovative approach to support winemakers in the choice of tools and methodologies to preserve and respect the functions of the soil and ecosystem services; GREEN GRAPES which has developed a new approach for sustainable defense against diseases and pests in viticulture thanks to the use of biostimulants, resistance inducers or biocontrol agents, able to maintain or increase biodiversity in the vineyard; and ZEOWINE which proposes an innovative product for the fertilization of vineyards deriving from the union of composted wastes from the wine industry with zeolite, a mineral composed of silicon and oxygen, which increases the organic fertility of the vines, retaining some minerals (nitrogen and microelements ) and water.

On this occasion, Gianmarco Centinaio, Minister of Agriculture, Food, Forestry and Tourism was also present.


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