Greenhouse gas flows

Castello Bonomi, Guido Berlucchi & C. Spa, Bosco del Merlo

Franciacorta, October 2017

During the month of October, immediately after the harvest, West Systems continued its monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2, N2O, CH4) at the Castello Bonomi, Guido Berlucchi, Bosco del Merlo and Conti degli Azzoni companies.

These measurements are carried out through a mobile system for monitoring the flows of the three ground gases developed thanks to the LIFE + IPNOA project (LIFE11 ENV / IT / 000302). The second monitoring phase will include data collection following the parcel distribution distributed in each test site and integrated with those collected by the Eddy Covariance stations installed by the University of Padua to verify GHG flows at the vineyard ecosystem level.

These campaigns started at the beginning of the project and the data collected so far show interesting results and help to return an efficient framework regarding the assessment of the impacts deriving from different management of viticulture fertilization.

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