From test to the bottle.

Analysis of the quality of wines produced with the experimental campaigns

Franciacorta, Castello Bonomi, March, 7th 2018

Microvinification is a fundamental step in the experimental activity of VITISOM, which allows microbiological transformation processes to be carried out in such a way as to simulate the operating conditions that are carried out on a large scale. In this phase it is possible to experiment with wine making techniques and to make an organoleptic evaluation of the wines obtained.

There are 42 wines produced by microvinifications of the grapes from the 2017 harvest, collected separately from each parcel of the 5 test sites involved in the VITISOM project. The experimental plan provides for the comparison between an unfertilised witness, a worked witness, the use of compost, a separate solid digestate, manure with or without incorporation on the ground to assess the environmental effects and the lives of the various treatments.


The quality of the finished wine is undoubtedly an extremely important factor in assessing the final effects of the various operations. Following the bottled wines will be submitted to the tasting of a panel of experts to collect and process objective data on the differences between the different products.

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