From harvest to tasting

The impact of fertilization methods on wine quality

Franciacorta, June 2018

How much the variation of fertilization systems and methods can contribute to improve the quality of the productions?

During the month of June, the first tastings were started by a panel of expert evaluators. The results after statistical processing will allow to give a first opinion about the impacts of the different management on the quality of the wines. However, it will take another two years of data collection to provide complete and comprehensive results.

Last year's experimental harvests conducted by the VITISOM project led to the production of 42 microvinifications, which were then subjected to chemical and sensory analyzes.

The production comes from 5 test sites - at Guido Berlucchi, Castello Bonomi, Conti degli Azzoni, Bosco del Merlo, Premiata Fattoria Castelvecchi - where parcels have been set to compare different types of organic fertilizer management in the vineyard.


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