Franciacorta Festival

Castello Bonomi

Franciacorta, september 15-16, 2018

The ninth edition of the Franciacorta Festival opens the doors of the wineries to tourists, wine enthusiasts or simply curious to discover the territory through the various proposals of the Strada del Franciacorta: from trekking or cycling routes, through the visits of abbeys, villages, palaces, villas, gardens and nature reserves. A rich proposal, which attracts more and more visitors from all over Italy for which they have been designed tour packages with proposals for the entire weekend.
The Castello Bonomi estate has interpreted the Festival through the event "a Franciacorta to tell": two days of food and wine tours and guided tours of the winery. The staff of VITISOM LIFE met more than 1200 visitors interested in the wine world, explaining the principles of precision viticulture and variable rate fertilization.
Our presence, even outside of the visits, has allowed the most interested to pause to deepen what it means to have a more sustainable approach to soil management in viticulture, a concept that is as widespread as it is little known in its many facets.

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