Fertilizers in viticulture:

the close study of behavior in the field

Cornaredo, aprile 2018

The physical behavior of organic fertilizer matrices interacts with the dynamics of their mechanized distribution in the vineyard. Therefore, it is very important to know the rheological characterization, that is the physical mutations to which they are subjected to external mechanical stresses.

The tests conducted by the University of Milan are aimed at optimizing the fine-tuning of the software that oversees the electro-hydraulic control of the distribution of the different versions of variable-rate machines.

This activity, carried out at the experimental farm of the Faculty of Agriculture (Cascina Baciocca, Cornaredo - MI), uses some specially designed and constructed test benches and dedicated instrumentation. These tests represent a new tool to support research, allowing to acquire more knowledge on materials that have not been studied so far from a physical point of view.

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