Experimental harvesting started in testing vineyards

Guido Berlucchi & C. e Castello Bonomi

Franciacorta, 7-10 August 2017

In the context of VITISOM LIFE Project a testing vineyard was selected in each of the testing Companies to compare different methods of soil management: non-fertilized, fertilized with manure / compost / digestate solid fraction, all the above with or without tillage / incorporation.
The Chardonnay vineyards of Franciacorta (belonging to Guido Berlucchi & C. and Castello Bonomi) have reached the optimal level of ripening to produce sparkling wine and are then harvested. The experimental harvesting implies the selection of representative vines for each treatment and data collection on vegetative-productive and analytical parameters of musts as well as the realization of micro-vinification to obtain wines to be compared by both specific chemical analysis and tasting.

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