Efficiency and quality in the vineyard distributions: tests continues

Guido Berlucchi, Conti degli Azzoni, Bosco del Merlo

Franciacorta, Montefano, Annone Veneto, 22-24 February 2017

The first experimental tests are carried out at tester companies Guido Berlucchi (Franciacorta), Conti Azzoni (Marche) and Bosco del Merlo (Veneto) using the basic prototypes built by Casella Macchine Agricole.

In these vineyards surveys on the impacts on the soil (chemical and biological fertility), GHG emissions and the quality of grapes and wines will be made.

Tests regarding the distribution efficiency of the prototype and the hodorimetric impact of different matrices and the different methods of management have also been carried out at the Guido Berlucchi testing site.

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