Continuous monitoring of GHG flows from the ground vineyard

Guido Berlucchi & C. Spa, Bosco del Merlo

Franciacorta, October 2017

The partner West Systems installed two fixed chambers for monitoring the flows in the two vineyards where the Eddy Covariance of the University of Padua already records the CO2 flows at the ecosystem level of the vineyard.

In particular, in the vineyard belonging to Guido Berlucchi, a single room was installed for monitoring CO2 only; a more complex system allowing the monitoring of all three gases and the greenhouse effect (CO2, N2O, CH4), developed thanks to the LIFE + IPNOA project (LIFE11 ENV / IT / 000302), was instead installed at the vineyard property of Bosco del Merlo in Lison (VE).

In the latter case the installed rooms are 8 and monitor 4 different situations (in two repetitions): non-fertilized witness not worked, witness not fertilized but worked, compost not incorporated, compost incorporated.

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