Chianti and Franciacorta: comparative test last

Vescine and Castello Bonomi

Radda in Chianti e Coccaglio, 2-15 March 2017

Tests made with basic version of prototypes continue - Radda in Chianti (Toscana) e Coccaglio (Franciacorta) – March 2-3-15, 2017. In parallel to the ditributions made on a large surface in the five viticultural context involved in the Porject, comparatives preliminary tests continue in the sides of Vescine (Toscana) and Castello Bonomi (Coccaglio). Tests, has for other sites, imply a comparison in the same testing vineyard. This comparison has been planned with difference matrices utilization (compost, manure and solid fraction of digestate) and in connection with different management (tilled – not tilled).

Distribution are made by the prototypes recently tested in the different Companies. During the ditributions the precision of different matrices mix in accordance with the vigor maps is evaluated and, for the Franciacorta site the odor impact of different matrices is also measured.


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