Campagne di concimazione autunnale

Al via le distribuzioni autunnali

Franciacorta and Annone Veneto, October 2018

The prototypes for organic fertilization at variable rates tested at the companies of Franciacorta allow a distribution of organic fertilizers only according to the real needs of the plant, ensuring better efficiency and reduced environmental impact. In these weeks the machines have been tested to verify the parameters of precision and spreading symmetry, self-leveling capacity on steep terrain and accuracy of the interface with the variable rate software. The fertilizer distributions were carried out at the experimental sites in Franciacorta and Annone Veneto. The favorable weather conditions and the good condition of the matrices have greatly facilitated the distribution operations, and the success of the operations goes to the VITISOM technicians who supervised in first person all the fertilization phases and made the last finishing directly in the field.

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