The health of our vineyards: the telltale signs

Franciacorta, Montefano, Radda in Chianti, Lison

 The health of our vineyards: the telltale signs - cover

The pruning wood of our vineyards is a significant detector of plant health. The new year opens under the banner of these monitoring in all the test vineyards involved in the VITISOM project, Guido Berlucchi SpA, Bonomi Castle, Conti degli Azzoni, Bosco del Merlo, Premiata Fattoria Castelvecchi.

The research team of the University of Milan regularly checks the weight of the wood in relation to the different treatments to which the plant has been subjected during the fertilization phase.

The analysis activities are aimed at verifying the vegetative-productive balance of the vine with respect to the weight of the wood, quantified by the Ravaz Index. The collected data will allow to validate the effects generated by the different organic fertilizers tested: compost, manure, digested solid fraction, with or without incorporation compared to an untreated witness.

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